You must be born again – John 3:7






1683 Mars Hill Rd, Sutersville, PA 15083

The Church of Sutersville

Prayer Ministry

If you have a Prayer need, please call The Church at 724-446-1550 and leave a message.

If you have an URGENT Prayer Request, please call Betty Rocco at 724-872-7389. She will get it out on the Prayer Chain right away.

For any additions, removal or changes to this list, please email us at [email protected]; or see Candy Bowen in person at Church. UPDATES OF HEALINGS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED

ATTENTION All Prayer Warriors!

Do You have a calling on your life to Pray for others? Email Prayer Warriors in our Church are always needed and appreciated.. If You want to give it a try, please click here to send Your name and email address to the web editor. You may opt out at any time; no questions asked or explanation required.

A mighty heart-felt THANK YOU to those who have already signed up! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!