Ministries That Have Visited Us

Pastor Farrel & Debbie Abraham

"Sharing Pearls"

62 KHB Radio - 620 on your AM Dial

3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Every Sunday

Call in Numbers:

Local: 412.825.6262  •  412.881.6882

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Leroy Blankenship

Country Gospel Singer / Songwriter

Dave Boyer

Singer of Big Band Style of Inspirational Music

with an awesome testimony!

Willis Canada

Country Gospel Singer / Songwriter

Michael Combs

Singer • Songwriter • Musician

check out this video on youtube!

"Good Versus Evil"

Dr. Gene Higgins

Country Gospel Singer/Songwriter and

recipeint of the prestigious "Living Legend Award"

by the Inspiration Country Music Association

To download an order form for Gene's Total Albums Package,

click here

Sheldon Mencer

Singer/Songwriter of some anointed Christian music

Walt Mills

Pastor and Country Gospel Singer

Mel Novak

Ordained Prison and Skid Row Minister

and part-time "Bad Guy" Hollywood Actor

- Originally from Wall, PA! -

Mel speaks twice a month on his Friend Shannon Ray Davis' radio show "Omega Man Radio"

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One of Mel's recommended interviews:

Here's a link to quickly find Mel's interviews on Omegaman's channel:

Three Bridges

Gospel Trio

Jonathan White

of Mencer, White & Cheney