Special Audio Files From the Past

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Special Prayers:

Short Message & Salvation Prayer

Re-commitment Prayer

Prayer for Spiritual Needs

Prayer for Physical Needs

Prayer for Financial Needs

Prayer for our Ministries

Other Special Audio Files:

Sheldon Mencer’s Uncle Richard Treat Explains our A.C.E. School of Tomorrow

Feeling down? Listen to THIS - his JOY In The Lord is Contageous!

Elder Stanford R. Pratt Worship Medley

Favorite Sermons From Past Few Months


Sunday Evening, November 3 - General Outline Of The Book of Revelation - Pastor Michael Baumiller

Sunday Morning, October 27 - "More on Presumptuous Sin (King Saul); & Communion

Sunday Morning, October 20 - "About Presumptuous Sin" & TCCA Sunday


Sunday Morning, November 10 - Honoring Our Veterans; and "Who's Seed Are Ye Of?"

Sunday Evening, September 29 - "Keeping Ourselves In The Love Of God" - Pastor Mike Baumiller

Wednesday Evening, September 25 - "The Error Of The 7th Day Adventists"

Sunday Evening, September 8 - "Continuing To Trust God"- Pastor Mike Baumiller


Wednesday Evening, August 21 - "The Power of Unity In Worship"

**Sunday Evening, August 18 - "The Importance of Praise & Worship" - Ken Long

Sunday Morning, August 4 - "About The Enemy"

Sunday Morning, July 14 - "Serving God" - Pastor Mike Baumiller

Sunday Evening, July 7 - "God Chose The Foolish Things"

Sunday Morning, July 7 - Kent & Michelle Schlegel Testimony

Sunday Morning, June 30 - "I Thirst"

Sunday Evening, June 2 - "What Faithful Is" - Pastor Farrell & Debbie Abraham

Sunday Evening, May 26 - "The Trial of Our Faith" - Pastor Mike Baumiller

Sunday Morning, May 26 - "Memorial Day - Christendom - Communion"

Sunday Morning, April 28 - "Hearing From The Oracles of God"; TCCA Sunday & Communion

Sunday Morning, March 31 - "The Lord's Prayer" (acapello) - Jordan Rice

Sunday Evening, March 17 - "The Greatest Thing You Can Give To God" - Pastor Mike Baumiller

Sunday Morning, March 3 - "Mishandling The Word of God"

Sunday Morning, February 24 - "Repentence and Salvation"

Sunday Morning, February 10 - They Rejected His Righteousness"

Sunday Evening, February 3 - "After The Order of Melchisedec"

Sunday Morning, February 3 - "He Found A Leafly Profession"

Sunday Evening, January 27 - "What Offends God" - Pastor Mike Baumiller

Sunday Morning, January 27 - "About The Rapture" TCCA Sunday & Communion"

Sunday Morning, January 13 - "Making Sense of The Thribulation in Revelation"

Sunday Morning, January 6 - "Are You Standing On The Rock?"


Sunday Evening, November 3, 2019 - General Outline Of The Book of Revelation - Pastor Michael Baumiller

Wednesday Evening, August 29, 2018 - "Our Spoken Words" - Minister Nancy Gedeon

Sunday Evening, August 26, 2018 - "Who We Are In Christ" - Minister  Nancy Gedeon

Link to pdf file "My True Identity - Who I Am In Christ"